Zack’s Place Play!

The Zack’s Place Theater Guild is busy rehearsing and making props for our next play – just around the corner!



Join us for an adventure at sea as Zack’s Place reenacts the true adventure story, “Shackleton’s Expedition”.  You will hang on the edge of your seat, sing at the top of your lungs, laugh ’til you cry, and leave wanting more.

Director – Jim Sadwith

Set & Costume Design – Holly Levison

Set Design & Props – Fiona Davis

ZP Cast:

Ana and Tea Britton
Lindsey Sargent
Laura Buchanon.
Jessa Lawlor
Robin Crean
Sarah Peters
Suzannah Dickinson
Karissa Mathiessen
Stephanie Lary
Keegan Moriarty
Erin & Helen Norton
Jessica & Lisa Burrell
Dail Frates
Kitty King
Annie Oneill
Tanner Dow
Frank Vanek
Michael Leavitt

Woodstock Community Cameos:

Hannah Sadwith
Jeff Kahn
Jake Smith
Bob Hager
Charles Shackleton
Brian Maranville
Bari Ramirez
Martha Giller
Peggy Boylan
Betsy Frates

Stage Hands:

Kathy Britton
Shauna Wilson
Robin Potwin
Nerissa Edwards

The 2nd Annual Zack’s Place Prom

Tanner Dow & Elora Silver

The 2nd Annual Zack’s Place Prom

If you were able to attend our first prom in 2012 then you understand why we decided to make this an annual event!  This year’s gala is being put on by the Woodstock High School Student Council with a Caribbean theme and will take place at the WHS gymnasium on

Friday, April 26th

4:30 – 6:30pm

Formal attire is a must!

  • Ladies, Zack’s Place is loaded with beautiful ballroom gowns!  Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Gentlemen, please wear your best tux, suit, or dress clothes and tie.
  • WHS Student Council will gladly use your Caribbean decorations!  If you have some to donate or loan, please contact Shauna or Dail at
  • Prom day will begin with lots of fun fussing & mussing!  We will take the bus to WHS at 2:50pm and primp away with the Community Classroom – then make our grand entrance looking snazzy & beautiful!
  • We will not be returning to Zack’s Place after the prom.

Our new play!

Zack’s Place is practicing for our new play…

Zackleton’s Expedition 

Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 voyage to the Antarctic was one of the greatest tales of survival in expedition history, and Zack’s Place participants will be exploring the Antarctic in their own special, hilarious way.

Featuring Charlie Shackleton, Jim Sadwith, Bob Hager, and a few more surprise guests.

Written and directed by Jim Sadwith, our own Hollywood screenwriter and director ~

Don’t miss it! 

Wednesday, May 22nd


Woodstock Union High School Theater

Special Olympics

Zack’s Place is getting ready for the Special Olympics Competition.

On Friday March 8th ZP will have 26 Partners and Athletes snowshoeing in the Unified Snowshoe Competition at Suicide 6. On Saturday ZP has 8 athletes skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding from 10A-3P and on Sunday our expert skier Joey Lawlor will be competing again.